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The Re-Birth of IC Hope

Finding out it had been cancer all along did not make my IC any less real or any less "true" IC. It actually made it more understandable that it was so severe and also confirmed what I believed about IC all along, that it is not just a bladder disease, but rather a symptom of many different things.

After finding out about the lymphoma, to be honest, I didn't think I'd ever be back online. Not sure I'd live initially, and not sure I'd be able to prevent the IC from returning, I didn't really know what would happen. Yet, here I am, back trying to share hope and healing messages.

My original intention writing the new book had to do with my inability to keep up with talking to everyone. I really wanted to find a way to do what I was doing in private consultations through a book. There are too many people in need of help and I am only one person. I decided Along the Healing Path needed to be a lot better, with more information on how to understand your individual situation and more options to choose from for your healing.

My intention was that the book be about you and for you. I did not want it to be about me. As you'll see, I was reticent to share the rest of my story for many reasons and I did share as minimally as possible. I felt it important for people to know how I know what I know, but otherwise decided there was little need to share more.

Once I decided to create a blog, I realized that there were many topics I wished I could have expanded upon in the book. There is just so much to share in the way of alternative and holistic options. It feels endless at times, but in a good way.

I've expanded in what I used to heal myself and also in my understanding of healing in general. My website and blog will undoubtedly reflect this and not only be about IC/PBS/OB but include any related illness or form of healing.

When you have something that no one understands or has the answers for, you look elsewhere or you quit. I looked elsewhere and obviously you are doing the same or you wouldn't be here at IC Hope. I intend to blog (dare I say eventually vlog) about any and all topics I think might inspire, provide hope, or help you to heal.

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