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Mr. Mittens usually looks much happier. He just doesn't like to have his picture taken. : )

I find it ironic that I could write three books of such a personal nature, yet still have shared very little about myself. I had not really shared my personal background, education, or my other interests. At this point in my life and in my own healing, I decided to throw caution to the wind and start sharing more about myself with, well, anyone who is interested.  


I spent the past nearly thirty years in more isolation than I would have ever chosen for myself had I not been so sick. Being taken out of "normal" life at so young an age (30) became the root of who I was to become as a person. Instead of getting my PhD and becoming a therapist, I ended up reading, researching, and meditating, expanding my awareness of all things spiritual. Studying herbs, essential oils, natural and alternative medicine out of my own personal desperation to heal turned into somewhat of a hobby that became a way that I could help others. Over recent years I've used all manner of energy and vibrational medicine, connecting natural herbs and oils with spiritual energy to create healing medicines for myself, my husband, and believe it or not, my kitties.

Although we're looking to move in the very near future, my husband and I have lived on the edge of the metro parks in a suburb south of Cleveland for many years. The pond and woods in our backyard have brought the healing energy of nature into my life even when I was too sick to go anywhere. Though we don't have children, a horse barn a couple streets away from us brought us some adorable feral kitties that we adopted, adored, and became slaves to instead.


As explained in the new book, I never intended to become a writer. I actually started out in the music business working for Capitol and EMI Records and running a large recording studio. Surrounded by music growing up, with my dad in the music business since literally the day I was born, music just naturally became part of my healing. Using my favorites to bring a feeling of inspiration, empowerment, or a sense of calm was only one way I used music initially. Cranking tunes to bring a feeling of joy and what I now know was in fact raising my vibration was another way music was inadvertently helping me heal. My husband is also a musician/songwriter and his music naturally became part of our life often expressing what we were going through. We wrote together, sang together and recorded music together. All of this was very healing for me. This was all long before I knew anything about sound healing and using frequencies to heal the body. Though I discuss sound healing in the new edition of Along the Healing Path, the website was where I planned to actually share the music.


(Check out my sound healing/music page - Coming Soon!)

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